Small but mighty

Rhythm Straights for Beginner

For the very little (area) ones

Whether made of boatbuilding plywood, fiberglass or concrete: the rhythm straights are ideal for getting started with the modular pump track. After all, everyone starts small and this is where the professionals of tomorrow will make their first (driving) attempts.

Short facts

For maximum security

Low drop height, rounded corners, hidden screws and connections, non-slip riding surface...and, and, and!

PARKITECT® Exclusive new option:

Lowrider Bumps!

To avoid scratches on the road, for safety reasons and for driving pleasure on all wheels, the waves are CLASSIC EDITION only 38cm high here!

Extra wide riding surface

The riding surface of the PARK EDITION and URBAN EDITION is also extra wide and slightly curved – for more safety and space

Small area, big effect

Easily manageable: Perfect for watching, cheering and taking photos

Very sure!

The modular pump track is TÜV and ISO certified according to playground standards. Anyone who practices here will also be safer on their favorite wheels in traffic 

And where?

Our success stories prove it

A rhythm straight also works as an introduction next to a large modular pump track layout. For example in Tenino City Park (USA, Washington), in Vienna or in the Community of Schwarzenbek.

inclusion, yes please!

Fun on all wheels for even more social interaction. Thanks to the extra wide riding surface, with a little practice you can also conquer the waves in a wheelchair.

They have wheels, they belong, they are the same

Kids and young people in wheelchairs do not want to play on separate, specially made play equipment. They want to be there. On the modular pump track rhythm straight, everyone rides on the same track, in the same direction, at the same speed.

We've outgrown it

Have you become a professional yet? Individual modules can be added at any time, for more variety and demand on the mobile waves

we want to share

No problem: The modular pump track can be easily assembled and dismantled, for pump track use in other locations or for winter storage.


Write us!

If you have any questions about the practice waves, financing, individual layout, best price or visualizations on your area, our experts are also available in your area and will be happy to help!

Open for everything

PS: of course an open speedring or an obstacle course is also possible...

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