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We got GOOSEBUMPS ...😲...because of this wonderful Project in Australia @wycheproof_ 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺Cheers to for making this happen🧡The Original @parkitect_ag Modular Pumptrack URBAN Edition with Concrete-Modules :So smooth, so resistant, so much flow for all wheels...🌊🌊🌊Jealous? Get in Touch with us to make your Pumptrack Dreams come true 🤙🛹🛼🛴🚴🌊@modular_pumptrack_australia #modularpumptrack #pumptrack
Too sweet not to share even if the pic is a bit blurry 😉🧡A day has 1,440 minutes. Quite easy to spend at least $1.461 million of this time to achieve the 20 minutes of daily exercise recommended by the World Health Organisation @who, isn't it? 😉Feel the FLOW, catch the WAVES 🌊🧡@parkitect_ag @verbier
Check out the easy and fast assembly of this Sidewinder Classic Edition Modular Pumptrack for MT. Bullers in Australia! 🛴🛹🚴🛼⛰️Our mobile and modular PUMPTRACKs are PERFECT solutions for Ski Areas as they provide fun in all seasons, attract new guests and thrill existing guests and locals with different layouts that can be changed whenever wanted 🧡💪Sometimes, it can be so easy 😏🌊
This is the plywood we use for our CLASSIC pump track. It is not just a material, for us it is much more: This wood brings fun, flow and movement to the pump track users. It brings people with different backgrounds and skill levels together on one playground. And much more! This is why we are choosing the wood so wisely. Think about it 😉Parkitect Modular Pumptrack