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In short: For everything that rolls! The Modular pump track is aimed at everyone! No matter whether with a scooter, BMX, skateboard, bicycle, inline skates, whether 2 years old or 99 years old, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

We give our best, to have pump tracks in stock. Especially in the This is not always possible in the summer months. Please contact us if you have one specific delivery date. 

If you look at the pure assembly time, the team of experts can Speed ring Set up in about 2 hours! In the end, it always comes down to preparation: is the unloading of the truck well planned, is there a contact person on site, etc. Compared to other asphalt pump tracks, setting up is much quicker!

Our products can be used on a straight surface that has a continuous 4% slope does not exceed. The terrain should be relatively flat and free of debris and be rubble. Every contact point of the individual elements must be in contact with the floor be in contact. The Location check gives details and we are happy to help!

The passable one surface consists of a fiberglass composite structure with a specially designed Non-slip surface developed for this purpose by pro riders from various sports such as BMX, dirt bike, skateboard and longboard as well as material experts tested extensively became. The surface can be repaired and branded very easily.

The expected lifespan of the wood-fiberglass pump track is 10 years. Our prefabricated concrete elements have an expected lifespan of 20 years. This Numbers set a regular Maintenance and Care according to the manual, but this is very low.

Yes. For wood-fiberglass pump tracks we offer a 5-year guarantee on manufacturing and manufacturing Material defects, there is a 2 year guarantee on the surface. However, this includes compliance with the maintenance according to the manual.

Very sure! Each modular pump track meets the unified standards: EN 1176 playground equipment and EN 14974+A1:2012 systems for roller sports equipment. They have also been built by experts with years of expertise under constantly controlled quality conditions. The fall height is also lower than 60cm and therefore corresponds to the standard - so no fall protection measures are required.

The modular pump track system can be used on any size be adjusted. The minimal Size is 6x17m. Greater? No Problem! As with LEGO, the modules can be assembled into configurations of any size be added.

Yes! We are also happy to rent pump tracks for events or for testing, depending on availability. If you are not sure whether the pump track will be accepted, this is the particularly practical solution. 

Yes – there are almost no restrictions. The modular pump track is individually! The only limitations are space and budget. The layout depends on the available space capacity. We have standard colors, but for an additional charge and with a little advance notice, we can also use our own RAL colors and brand the individual modules with the logo. 

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