Magnet and highlight for events

Events around the pump track

Something is moving here: the modular pump track as an event magnet

The modular pump track gathers. The modular pump track inspires. The modular pump track is addictive. The best conditions for using it for successful events of all kinds or for planning your own events with the waves at the center.

meeting place for everyone

All year round attraction

Can be rolled in summer and winter - thanks to the patented non-slip tread for all wheels


The area that a modular pump track requires is manageable: all the better for accompanying people who cheer, watch and take photos.

Modular pump track racing

This is quite obvious: all kinds of races can be organized on a modular pump track. 

Ready, steady, go!

Whether two identical tracks next to each other to duel or with timing - there are many options here. The ÖKK Bike Revolution, for example, is not about the fastest time, but rather about riding the exact same time twice. A three-year-old can end up on the podium while the professional Nino Schurter just looks on with envy.

Promotion tour

Do you want to really put your products or services in the foreground on a promotional tour, in a shopping center or at a store opening? The modular pump track is great for branding and is a magnet for all age groups. Fast, easy assembly and dismantling, space-saving transport and suitable for even the smallest area. 


Not only roller sports-related products such as bicycles, helmets, protectors, but also sports nutrition, health insurance companies, toy manufacturers, confectionery, drinks and brands of all kinds can use the pump track to encourage exercise.

(SPORT) major events and trade fairs

Balloons, ballpoint pens and gummy bears are a thing of the past. Big AHA effect in a small area: There is hardly a better way to attract attention at a trade fair than with a modular pump track. 

Numbers that mean the world!

Even cooler if you set up the lap counter with a display. This means that trade fair visitors can watch with excitement to see who will break the daily record and you will have measurable success for your trade fair appearance.

Holiday camps & workshops

Our partner MS Sports shows us: In Switzerland there are bicycle holiday camps lasting several days, in which the modular pump track also plays a central role. Technique is practiced here and “my best holiday experience” comes naturally.

Workshop mode: on!

BMX workshops, skate workshops or pump track workshops can also be offered on a daily basis. It's better to plan an additional date; experience has shown that these workshops are quickly "fully booked". And if everyone has the “pump track driving license” in their hands, all the better.

Music festival, car dealership opening, fundraising event, village festival, carnival, gala, football tournament, children's birthday party, ...

All we want to say is: NO MATTER what event you are planning. NO MATTER who the target group is. NO MATTER how small the available area. A modular pump track can ALWAYS be the solution for a successful event! 

Win win!

A symbiosis is created: the surrounding infrastructure, restaurants, overnight stays, etc. also demonstrably increase when a modular pump track is involved.

Opening event

Of course, what shouldn't be missing? You will quickly notice that if you have decided on a modular pump track, everyone is looking forward to the day of the official opening. Plan an opening event with a “ribbon cutting”, blessing, music, workshop, demonstrations, and so on.  

Helping hands

Particularly cool: The modular pump track can be set up in just a few hours, so why not turn it into a happening for the kids and integrate it into the opening day. Feels twice as good when you're the first to conquer the waves!

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