The future package: exercise, culture and health

Funding Germany 2024

Now kids and young people are in demand across Germany!

The future package for exercise, culture and health will continue in 2024. The focus of the funding is on projects that: at least 3 children and young people up to 26 years of age be planned and implemented independently.

Now it's time to be quick, because the total 4 mandatory application phases (see below), start from now on 15.02.2024. The allocation of funding 5,000 to 30,000 € takes place on the greyhound principle (as quickly as possible).

Good news: In 2023, the city of Kreba-Neudorf was pleased to receive full funding for its modular pump track from the future package. So the chances are very good!

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Innovation first

There is no modular pump track in your city yet? Perfect, because the application scores even more for your waves!

Are you many?

Class! Because the higher the need of young people, the better your chances are!

4 steps to success

From February 15, 2024 - digital consultation hours

At least 3 kids and young people up to the age of 26 must take part in an individual digital consultation hour from the future package. The project profile is only available afterwards.

Fill out the project profile

The young people can fill out the project profile together with the sponsor (club/school/community/etc.). We are happy to help and give you tips on how to score the most points.

From February 22nd, 2024 - consultation

As soon as you have submitted the project profile to the future package consultation, you will receive your project_ID for...the application!


The final application is submitted together with the sponsor. From March 25th The modular pump track could already be with you if approved!

Who are porters?

In order to receive funding, you need a sponsor to submit the funding application for you. Independent or public youth welfare organizations as well as other legal entities under public and private law based in Germany are eligible to apply. This means, for example, associations that are non-profit or schools in the form of the school authority.

Good to know

From April 15th a second application phase takes place. The projects must be implemented by December 31, 2024. How good that the Modular Pumptrack can be delivered within a few weeks and set up in just a few hours. Three, two, one...and ROLL OFF!

find your ideal modular pump track

We have a solution for all types of installations and budgets


Like the city of Kreba-Neudorf in Saxony, which received its modular pump track in 2023 fully financed by the future package. 

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