Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, cost-effective: the alternative to the ice skating rink!

Save energy in winter with the modular pump track

Artistic ice skating rinks canceled in winter!
the solution: a modular pump track!

Due to the energy transition and the increasing costs Many cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are again canceling the planned artificial ice rinks or ice skating rinks during the winter months and the Christmas period.

The Total cost of electricity per year for a community alone due to the ice skating rink in December increases from 15% to 25%, which means that in many places the decision is made against the ice magic in winter.

Besides the right elaborate and lengthy assembly and dismantling of about two months can therefore be spent on the train alone approx. 60,000 kilowatt hours Electricity can be saved. This corresponds roughly to the consumption of six households per year. In addition, approx. 5,000 liters of water saved. You could shower 100 times with this amount! All because of a month of Frozen feeling.


No thanks! Admittedly, it's a wintery idea, but not a really exciting alternative for children and young people to keep them entertained during the cold season with sporting activities and, above all, fun.

...And the plastic tracks?

As the name suggests, this consists of: synthetic materials. Microplastics and macroplastics can be rubbed off and released through sliding and thus harmful to the environment be. Furthermore, the Lubrication of the railways criticized. Beginners and children find gliding anything but playful and easy, rather strenuous and pointless. It's not cost-effective either. You pay around 58,000 CHF / 60,000 € for 6 weeks of rent for a 300 sqm plastic ice rink with structure. 

At this price you could get up to three Buy modular pump tracks. Ugh…!

In short: (Mobile) ice rinks are no longer up to date - in addition to the cost factor, the energy and water consumption are too high, and the assembly and dismantling are also very complex and time-consuming.

The really “cool” alternative?


Produce ice cream for a month? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

For us it means: Order today, get rolling soon. The pump track can be set up on the desired area within a few hours! There is also the perfect layout for a mobile modular pump track for the originally planned ice space.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: The modular pump track made of heat, cold and weather-resistant boat building plywood and the non-slip coating uses neither electricity nor water to operate! Even when it's wet, you can drive on it without any problems!

It almost feels like ice skating when you glide over the wave tracks of the modular pump track or roll along with the roller sports equipment of your choice.

Bargain! Compared to the above-mentioned rental costs of the plastic alternative and the energy costs of the artificial ice rink, the modular pump track is very, very cost-effective. Either you rents a modular pump track for the period or invest long-term and sustainably in your own modular pump track, which represents an expansion of the offer in a free area in the remaining months. And depending on the layout, it's even cheaper than renting an ice rink! No building permit is necessary!

It's a lot of fun, at least like ice skating! At the same time, you heat up properly and burn calories, which you can then eat again in the form of gingerbread and cookies. You're out in the fresh air and the kids are well prepared for road traffic on scooters and bikes.

The modular pump track becomes a winter meeting place, parents can easily survey the track while drinking mulled wine, and the surrounding restaurants benefit from the offer. A winter ambience can easily be created with the right music...

Waiting for what? The Modular Pumptrack is the optimal alternative to the ice skating rink in your city