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Concrete wave dream for Zarrendorf

The community of Zarrendorf / Niepars has fulfilled a dream.

A previously unused lawn was quickly converted into an exercise area. The result? A modular pump track made of concrete modules. The Urban Edition made of prefabricated concrete elements are particularly robust and durable. As here in Zarrendorf, this variant can be particularly elegantly integrated flush and permanently into the subsurface or placed in the open space. Also available with a 1.4m road width, for even faster and safer driving. 

Flush with the ground

With a special anti-slip coating for fun on all wheels

The layout leaves nothing to be desired, catch the waves!

A high on the track,

...which is extra non-slip thanks to the specially developed surface!

Funding, leasing, ...?

There are many financing options, talk to us!

Short facts
URBAN edition

Congratulations to Zarrendorf / NIepars on this fabulous modular pump track made of concrete!

Grab the waves and get your special layout. We find the right solution for every area!

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