Matti Koistinen to lead the sales of Modular Pumptracks and VELOPARKs

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Matti Koistinen to lead the sales of Modular Pumptracks and VELOPARKs for Allegra Nordic

The former Finnish Cyclists’ Federation’s executive director Matti Koistinen jumps on-board of Allegra to promote active lifestyle solutions across Finland, commencing February 2024.
Renowned globally, pump tracks are set to revolutionize the cycling landscape also in Finland. Matti brings a wealth of experience and passion for cycling to the company. His mission is to introduce innovative solutions that inspire the younger generation to engage in outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle. Leveraging a diverse range of modular elements, Matti will deliver tailor-made VELOPARK bike playgrounds as well as Modular Pumptracks that cater to the unique preferences and needs of customers nationwide.


Matti has also a personal interest in developing cycling facilities. 

“My children are 4 and 7 years old. The younger one is very eager to ride a bike – especially on trails and pump tracks. He always chooses the trail if possible. Riding with him has opened my eyes: children see the possibility of playing anywhere – also when riding a bike or scooter. It’s our role as adults to enhance the play by creating environment for it.”

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