This modular pump track is a little more demanding and very versatile


Layout variants

Area in meters


Premium upgrade curve modules

Optional galvanized steel frame instead of wood 
with fiberglass enclosures: 
Lighter, more compact, more durable!

Indicative price*

52'520.00 CHF

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Technical data

Length of the track 79m
Layout area 248m2
Net weight 3649kg
Number of pallets 15
Number of modules 60

Our tip

To avoid scratches on the riding surface and for safety reasons for scooters, we recommend Lowrider bumps that are 38cm instead of 47cm high

Colors and road surface

Other colors and logo placements on request

For all ages

Leasing or rent-to-own?

Of course, that is also possible!
We are happy to advise and find an individual solution!

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