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PARKITECT History Part Two

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PARKITECT History Part One

From pro rider to pump track manufacturer!

The creation of the modular pump track

Part two

How did the modular pump track come about? The journey there is exciting – almost like a ride on the track. The high-quality, patented Modular Pumptrack – the original – is the result of years of testing and tinkering. 

2003: The first wooden pump track in the Finale Ligure bike park

2018: The Classic Edition in a special layout

Production of modules

More and more bike park projects in which Erik is included require a lot of time. The idea of modules grew in 2004: Similar to the Swedish furniture giant, thanks to Erik's inventiveness, Bike Tracks can be produced centrally and modularly and then delivered and quickly assembled on site. A few small adjustments and you can start rolling.

In 2009 the first complete modular pump track was built and sold

The first pre-produced modules are created together with Joseph Grycman

The Modular Pumptrack was originally made purely from non-slip boatbuilding plywood. The demand for quality and safety then led to more effective and sustainable materials that can withstand moisture even better. The result of the research is still used today: a flexible fiberglass material that is extremely anti-slip, requires little maintenance and lasts a long time.

In 2013 the first dealer meeting takes place and the first production opens

Global Footsteps & Awards

The hard work pays off: over the years the company has won awards for business concept, product design, quality and innovation

In 2015, Bikeparkitect officially becomes PARKITECT as we know it today

A new production facility will be opened in 2018 to meet the increasing demand

Worldwide waves

With the help of a large network of dealers, the original PARKITECT Modular Pumptrack now ensures more exercise, more fun, more friendships, more FLOW and ease in many countries. 

There will be over 1,000 modular pump tracks worldwide in 2024, and the trend is rising!

This is the Parkitect story.

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