By bike from Bonstetten to Cape Verde

Record numbers and funding: The pump track in the canton of Zurich

The mobile pump track of the canton of Zurich makes it possible Municipality of Bonstetten rolls:

But let's start from the beginning...

3 weeks on the road to success!

...the modular pump track was available on loan in the municipality of Bonstetten in the canton of Zurich

Over 70,000 rounds

Full of enthusiasm, movement and fun!

Schoolhouse tour

The Zurich Sports Office and the Bicycle Traffic Department jointly own three mobile pump track systems. They go on schoolhouse tours in the canton of Zurich every year from March to November. A school can enjoy the modular pump track free of charge for three weeks at a time. 

That's how it is too Municipality of Bonstetten made and diligently collected rounds together for three weeks in the summer.

Roll and go

Do it like Bonstetten! Applications and more information for the highly sought-after pump tracks can be found directly here:

The results are impressive! Over 4,603 kilometers were covered, which corresponds to the distance from Zurich to Cape Verde

  • With a track length of 65 meters, a total of 70,821 laps were completed with scooters, bikes and roller sports equipment of all kinds. This resulted in a total of 4,603 kilometers: The distance between Zurich and Cape Verde!
  • The kids and adults spent 295 hours pumping on the mobile waves. 12 days in which not cell phone batteries but the muscles, lungs and head were stressed. More together!
  • Wow! 321 burgers with a drink were consumed, which corresponds to 236,000 calories, more exercise for all generations!

Cannot be measured with numbers: The social interaction! All generations, all skill levels, all roller sports equipment, all user groups come together, take each other into consideration, laugh, learn, help each other, wait, cheer on!

The entire report from the Canton of Zurich, the Sports Office and the Bicycle Traffic Department about the success story in Bonstetten can be downloaded here:

And it gets even better

Funding from the Canton of Zurich

Have you ever thought about your own modular pump track???

The sports office supports the purchase of a modular pump track layout WORLD CUP with a flat rate contribution of CHF 10,000. (until 2023). Also other models, like the popular one Speed ring or Global are supported with 20% of the acquisition costs. 

You can find all the conditions for support here: the way, nobody had to count the laps by hand

Thanks to the Eco-Visio lap counter, all current figures such as utilization per weekday, hour and location can be easily tracked online.

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